How to make a video using Photos

Are you looking to transform your photos into an engaging video? What can you do to create a compelling video that includes music and pictures? This post outlines a variety of methods to help you create an easy photo slideshow.

Are you looking for a great way to share your images with your family and friends? Make your photos into music-based video is among the most effective methods to make them appear at their most attractive. But, how do you create video using images?

The majority of you might be asking yourself:

“How do I make a photo slideshow?”

There are a variety of ways to create video using images stored using your computer, Android and iPhone. Below are the most popular options you may want to test.

Solution 1. Google Photos Create Video using Photos

Google Photos can make video using images. It will allow you to create videos that includes images on computers, iPhone and Android. What do you need to know about creating an image-based video and songs making use of this software? Don’t be worried in case you’re not sure! In the next section, we will give you the steps.

Computer Users Create a Video using Pictures

If you’re looking to create an image slideshow using your computer, take the steps below.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Log into the Google account you have created. Google Account.

Step 3. Choose Step 3. Select the Assistant option, then select the movie option.

Step 4. Choose a theme for your movie.

Step 5. Click Get started.

Step 6. Choose the images you want.

Step 7. Click Done.

Android Users Create a Video using Photos

Android users can also use the Google Photos app to create videos using photos.

The steps include:

  • Start Google Photos. Open the Google Photos app on your Android tablet or phone.
  • Log into the Google account you have created. Google Account.
  • Choose”Assistant” from the assistant option on the right.
  • Select a the movie from the menu at the top.
  • Choose the photos you would like to use to use in the film. (If you are interested it, you can also choose videos for your own film.)
  • Then, click then the Make button in the upper-right.
  • After that you can click Playto watch the movie.
  • Choose Untitled Untitledto give a name to your film.

iPhone and iPad Users Create Videos Using Photos

iPhone and iPad users can attempt these steps to convert an images to videos with music using the Google Photos application.

  • Launch your Google Photos app.
  • Sign in to Google Account.
  • Select Assistant > Movie.
  • Choose the images (or videos) you wish to make your awesome video.
  • Choose Makeand the select Save. Save to save your newly created video.

Google Photos can make videos using images from your Android, computer or iPhone, as well as iPad and the iPhone device.Click for Tweet

Solution 2. Convert Photo to Video Online

Are you looking to create a video using photos online? Online converters for video and photo can assist you. For example, you could follow these steps to create a video using images online.

Step 1. Step 1. Visit ANIMOTO then click to make a video..

Step 2. Sign into your account.

Step 3. Choose a storyboard to create your story.

Step 4. Upload your photos to convert them into video online.

Step 5. Drop these pictures to replace any simple content.

Step 6. Make your video editable if you like it.

Step 7. Watch the video, and then save the video.

So, you’ve finished the conversion of your photo into video online.

Solution 3. Slideshow Maker Create Video using Pictures

As we all know, a photoshow maker maker can assist you create videos from images. There are many slideshow maker software available on the market. Which is the most effective slideshow maker for free?

1. Windows Movie Maker (Windows users)

If you’re a new user, explore Windows Movie Maker, a easy and free video editing software, to create a video using images and songs.

On the primary interface in Windows Movie Maker, you just need to upload your photos to the storyboard and include transitions, text and filters to the video. You can then upload your video to family and friends. The specific steps for how to make a movie using music and photos are available in this article ” How to Use Movie Maker | Step-by-step Guide for Beginners”.

Microsoft Movie Maker is a useful tool for the majority of users. But, Movie Maker was officially removed on January 10 January, 2017. It’s time to look for an alternative to Windows Movie Maker alternative to convert images into video.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows and Mac users)

If you’re professional, you might require professional video editing tools. Research shows that professionals will always choose Adobe Premiere Pro because of its outstanding interface, education resources, and high-powered tools.

Adobe Premiere Pro is used by Hollywood directors and YouTubers, TV editors videographers and other.

The window above is the main interface for this professional slideshow maker. The tool can certainly aid you in creating an amazing video using images thanks to its many functions.

But, you must learn about this software. Also, you cannot purchase the software on its own – you need to subscribe to Creative Cloud.

3. MiniTool Movie Maker (Windows users)

The Most Effective Free Slideshow Maker – MiniTool Movie Maker is highly recommended here. The free and easy slideshow maker for photos can help to quickly create video using pictures. Let’s take a look at how you can create videos using pictures and music.

Free Download

Step 1. Import pictures.

  • Install and download MiniTool Movie Maker.
  • Use this no-cost online maker of slideshows using photos.
  • Select the Full-Feature mode option to access into the primary interface for the tool. If you’re interested it, you can choose the appropriate video template and then upload your images. In the end, you will have an amazing video that you can share it directly with your loved ones.
  • After that, you can import your pictures using to “Import Media Files” button.

Step 2. Make a video with photos.

#1. Add photos to storyboard.

Add your images onto the storyboard in the order you would like to be shown in the final video.

#2. Make transitions between images.

Transitions make the transition between two clips more smoothly which makes the photo slideshow look stunning and attractive.

Click on the transition option to access the library of transitions and select the video transition. Drop it in between the two images in your Storyboard.

#3. Add text to the photo.

To make sure that viewers appreciate your photo slideshow You can include subtitles in your video to provide context to the images and demonstrate why they’re unique to you. This is why MiniTool Movie Maker comes with numerous formats for text to assist you create text for your photos.

Click to click the text button. After that, select the appropriate text style you wish to apply and then drag it onto the storyboard. In the final step, enter yourself as the author, modify the style and color, and many more. For more details, read this blog post “Need to add subtitles to your Video Free? Try The 2 Simple Ways!”

Step 3. Include music in the video.

When you’ve finished editing your video, return to the media library. Then select on the Import Media Files button to import a track or instrumental for your video. Then, drag the song onto the track for music. You are able to edit this song and alter the duration as well as other details.

Step 4. Save your slideshow of photos.

You are now required to save your video file by pressing on the export button. You can then choose the format for your video and save it to your computer. This free slideshow maker for photos offers standard video formats like MP4, WMV AVI and many more.