iPhone 7 Size: A Detailed Examination

The iPhone 7 is the world’s most well-known smartphone and now, with the launch of the brand new iPhone 7, there is plenty of talk about the dimensions. What do it’s iPhone 7 size measure up with the previous iPhone models? Does the size represent a significant advancement or is it fairly unchanged? The following article we’ll analyze the size of iPhone 7 and its advantages and drawbacks.

Pros and Cons

The most notable benefit that comes with an iPhone 7 size is that it’s smaller than earlier models. The iPhone 7 features an 4.7-inch display that is a bit less than 5.5-inch display on the iPhone 6s Plus. This makes it more convenient to use and to move around. In addition, the device is smaller than earlier models and features an updated look.

But it is true that however, the iPhone 7 size also has several negatives. It is one of the reasons that the iPhone is more difficult to hold because of its thin design. In addition, it’s also a bit heavier than earlier models, and can prove an issue for those who carry the device around for a long time.


The iPhone 7 has a thin and sleek design that’s visually attractive. The phone features an anodized aluminum frame that has an edge-to-edge display giving it a nearly bezel-free look. Furthermore, it is dust and water resistant, making it perfect for use in the harshest conditions.


The iPhone 7 has a host of attributes which make it a fantastic device. It features the 4.7-inch Retina HD display with True Tone technology, which allows you to read and read content. Furthermore, it is powered by the robust A10 Fusion chip, which delivers outstanding performance. It also features an impressive 12MP rear camera as well as a 7-megapixel front-facing camera that is ideal for video and photo-taking.


The iPhone 7 has excellent performance and is among the most powerful devices that are available. The iPhone 7 is powered by an incredibly robust A10 Fusion chip, which gives excellent performance and allows it to run several apps simultaneously. Furthermore, the device comes with 2GB of RAM. This lets you switch between applications quickly.


The iPhone 7 has a great camera that can take stunning pictures and videos. The camera on the rear is a 12-megapixel camera that can take videos in 4K, while the front camera is 7 MP. Furthermore, the device comes with various camera functions, including panorama mode, portrait mode, and live pictures.

Battery Life

The battery lifespan for the iPhone 7 is good, however, it’s not great. The iPhone 7 comes with a battery of 1,960 mAh that is slightly bigger than the 1,810mAh battery on the iPhone 6s. The battery can be capable of offering up to 14 hours talktime, and more than 10 days standby.


The iPhone 7 size is a major upgrade over the earlier models. It is slimmer than its predecessors, it is thinner and has an updated style. In addition, the device is powered by the strong A10 Fusion chip, which delivers excellent performance. The device also features an excellent camera that can produce amazing photos and videos. The battery life is satisfactory however it is not exceptional. Overall it’s an excellent device. iPhone 7 size is a huge improvement over older models and is certain to please the users.