Banks choose bitcoin | Snowden’s Prophecy

Banks choose bitcoin | Snowden’s Prophecy | Stolen BTC with Mt. Gox

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A 19-year-old MP declared $23.7 million in Monero

Let’s start with one of the Crypto Cash most discussed news of the last week about how a 19-year-old member of the City Council, one of the Ukrainian cities, declared 185 thousand MONERO tokens worth $23 million.

Rostislav Solod (19-year-old member of the Kramatorsk City Council) declared 185,000 XMR worth $23.7 million. According to the document, Solod became the owner of the cryptovolta at the age of 14.

Rostislav Solod is the son of Verkhovna Rada deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life faction of Natalia Korolevskaya and Yuri Solod.

Putin obliged the officials to declare to the crypt

According to a decree signed on Thursday, officials and those applying for any government positions will be required to declare how many crypts they have and where they acquired them. Reporting will take place from 1 January until 30 June 2021.

P.S.: We feel that there will soon be many interesting news headlines and a 19-year-old deputy from Ukraine with 185,000 Monero is just a seed.

New lawsuit against Bestchange

A new lawsuit to block the Bestchange mirror – – has become known. We would like to remind you that earlier Bestchange won the court case on the main website and must unblock it.

The lawsuit contains other resources, but all of them are not active at the moment. It seems that this is a clumsy hidden direct attack on Bestchange.

Bestchange lawyers are likely to get away with this lawsuit on appeal as well, but it has to be resolved somewhere at a higher level. And there is still a long way to go to a normal relationship with the crypt.

But in civilised countries they have decided that it is time to start earning money on bitcoins.